Chemoablation of High-Risk
Premalignant Lesions for Sustained
Cancer Prevention

Dr. Robert Teal
Texas A&M University

Develop/validate a simultaneous LC-MS/MS assay for the drugs in plasma, and mucosa/tongue tissue samples.

Pharmacokinetic analysis of the drugs following application of novel drug delivery systems.

PK/PD modeling of the novel drug delivery system

Pre-clinical development of anti-cancer compound #276

Dr. Clifford Stephen
Texas A&M University

Perform pre-formulation evaluation on #276, including developing a rapid, reliable and reproducible LC-MS/MS assay for #276.

Develop a suitable and stable dosage formulation for #276.

Determine the PK of #276 in rats after an IV bolus administration using a LC-MS/MS quantification method.

Analyze the data using WinNonlin and obtain PK parameters of #276.

Pharmacokinetic evaluation of 5-amino-1-methylquinoinium using rat as an animal model

Dr. Stanley Watowich
The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

LC-MS/MS quantification of 5-amino-1-methylquinolinium and its metabolite in plasma, urine, and tissue samples

Pharmacokinetic evaluation of 5-amino-1-methylquinolinium following intravenous and oral administration of the drug