Upcoming Conferences:

OCTOBER 29 2019
ADME: Lead Characterization and Optimization

Held at Bioscience Research Collaborative Auditorium, 6500 Main St., Houston, TX, 77030

Roundtable Series

This series will highlight national and local experts who have successfully moved academic therapeutics discoveries through preclinical studies and into the clinic. Each meeting will conclude with an interactive round table discussion around the topic of the evening. The meetings will typically take place on the 1st Thursday of the month in the Bioscience Research Collaborative, 5600 Main Street, Houston, TX, 77030. They will begin at 4 pm with a networking reception following at 5 pm. Topics will include:

June 13 Kickoff Event: Target Product Profile
Sept. 5 Discovery approaches (including repurposing)
Oct. 3 ADME (Absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion)
Nov. 7 How and when to start a company
Dec. 5 Structure-based lead optimization and medicinal chemistry

2020 topics will include:

  • Biologics
  • Introduction to VC and angel investing
  • IND-enabling studies
  • Persuasive presentations to investors
  • Role of pharmacogenomics in pre-clinical development
  • Intellectual property

One-on-one consulting

A panel of experts in preclinical development will be available at 3 pm for 20-minute consultations prior to the 4pm round table events (same location). Participants must sign up in advance for these.


CCPF quarterly workshops will educate Texas cancer investigators on critical stages of drug development, including biopharmaceutics in the areas of PK/PD and modeling, pre-formulation/formulation development, including novel drug formulation and targeted drug delivery.

Link to GCC training and resources in the areas of Innovative Drug Discovery and Development:

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