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Gulf Coast Consortia (GCC) Center for Comprehensive PK/PD & Formulation (CCPF) provides pre-clinical drug development services from formulation development to PK/PD characterization.


Our services include a wide varity of in vitro, in situ and vivo studies in nine specific areas.

Drug Characterization

Determine the physicochemical properties of drug candidates.

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Basic Formulation

Prepare suitable formulation with reasonable solubility and bioavailability for initial animal testing

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Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

Further improve the PK profiles and bioavailabilities of promising drug candidates with nanoformulation.

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Develop and validate specific, sensitive and reproducible LC-MS/MS methods to quantitate drugs or metabolites in biological matrix.

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In Vitro Metabolism

Determine drug metabolism using enzyme-mediated reactions.

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In Vitro Biopharm Characterization

Understand membrane permeability to predict drug absorption.

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In Vivo PK

Identify characteristics of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion using rat or mouse as animal models.

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In Vitro/In Vivo PD Assays

Utilize various assays to measure the efficacy of the candidate drug.

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PK/PD Modeling and Simulation

Identify optimal dosing regimen through PK/PD modeling and simulation.

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